Solinas T8 LED Grow Light 4' Tube

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Solinas T8 LED Grow Lights are designed to work with new or existing T8 florescent fixtures for a cost effective and performance enhancing solution to traditional florescent and incandescent grow light systems. Usage requires fixture ballast clipping and/or removal and rewiring to single sided power and ground setting to connector. Professional installation is recommended. It's 4 foot long and has a Red:Blue ratio either of 5:1 or 3:1.


  • Safe and reliable customized high powered constant current driver 
  • Special heat dissipation design with professional thermal management 
  • Customized wavelengths available: Red 620-640nm, Red 640-660nm, Blue 450-460nm, Blue 460-470nm 
  • Adjustable lighting area and installation height 
  • Suitable for a variety of plants in all growth stages 
  • Can be used in greenhouses, indoor gardens, or with hydroponic gardens