We are dedicated to providing the planet with innovative LED lighting solutions that increase plant growth, vitality and productivity… Naturally!

DemeGrow, Inc. was started based on the idea that science doesn’t have to affect a plant’s organic properties to provide increased production, health and long term sustainability. Through the use of innovations in light science, DemeGrow leads the industry in providing technologically advanced lighting products that increase desired plant growth, plant production, reduction of water and better yields for a multitude of horticultural uses.

DemeGrow, Inc. was formed by world leading engineers and experts in the lighting industry with vast knowledge and experience in developing lighting systems for horticultural applications to develop solutions for the fast growing indoor growing marketplace.  Lead by Dr. Jin Peng, Technical Director and a principal of DemeGrow, Inc., the company has developed a suite of LED options ranging from linear LED replacements for florescent lighting, to hermetically sealed high bay HID replacements, and the latest controllable and tunable LED Grow Systems.  
Dr. Jin Peng obtained his PhD from the University of Houston in 2000. During his extensive carreer, Dr. Jin Peng has held multiple high level positions with global leaders in lighting including Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Corning, Inc. in New York and CML Innovative Technologies (a Division of Chicago Miniature Lamp) in New Jersey where he served as Technical Director of Asian Pacific Region. Dr. Jin Peng is currently serving as the Deputy Director of the Green Lighting System Center at Peking University which is a joint development center supported in conjuction with the California Lighting Technology Center at U.C. Davis.  Dr. Jin Peng has more than 20 years experience in the creation and packaging technologies in LED lighting and has obtained multiple patents in both the U.S. and China.

DemeGrow has invested in research that is guided toward finding the right lighting combinations and spectrum that can safely and naturally cause a positive effect to a plants growth and performance. In 2015, DemeGrow provided an unrestricted grant to the Regents of the University of California to be utilized through the controlled environment agriculture program at U.C. Davis. It is there that Dr. Heiner Lieth, a leading crop ecologist specializing in greenhouse and nursery production, soilless culture, as well as horticultural lighting, is providing research into productive horticultural lighting solutions. Through his research we are able to identify the very important role that light has on photosynthesis and plant production as well as how manipulation of different nanometers of light as well as intensity can bring about different growth, taste, smell, resin production and other plant performance measurements.

The name of our company, DemeGrow, was created from the name of the Greek Goddess of harvest, Demeter, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth. It was believed that Demeter made the crops grow each year. She was considered to be the goddess of the earth itself and of agriculture and also fertility in general. With this in mind, DemeGrow seeks to apply all that light science and soil nutrient science can provide in producing sustainable, highly productive and naturally resistant food and herbal crop solutions.

Our solutions include numerous standard and custom LED products, systems and controls for maximizing plant productivity and yield through advanced lighting science. The flagship of the company is the development of the DemeGrow Spectral Smart LED Grow Lights with tunable effective par.  

The SPECTRAL SMART line of LED Grow Lights brings the latest in LED lighting sciences to the horticultural marketplace. SPECTRAL SMART LED Grow Lights have been designed and engineered to produce the widest range of Effective Photosynthetic Active Radiation  or EPAR™ ranging from 412nm – 730nm as well as 6000K and 12000K, providing the highest level of photons at each nanometer for healthy, hearty plant growth and flowering. The advanced SPECTRAL SMART system is distributed into 4 different channels that provide both red and deep red, blue, white and the inclusion of blended UV bands.  

The system comes with the SPECTRAL SMART CONTROLLER which provides both preprogrammed and custom setting capabilities giving the user complete programmability based on application and plant type. The SPECTRAL SMART CONTROLLER provides setting for 4 LED channels, 6 different modes including 3 DIY modes, and 8 set point custom scheduling times which allow the user the ability to customize both lighting type, lighting quantity from each band as well as the ability to introduce complete darkness for photoperiod plant types. Each unit also comes with integrated input and output ports and connection cable to allow for easy daisy chain installation to run up to 250 individual lights off the same program setting.

DemeGrow is investing in the future through research and design through our partnerships. Our goal is the endless pursuit of the right lighting source or sources for a multitude of horticultural applications, no matter what the lighting medium may be. Our goal is to provide increases to expected growth, vitality and yield while reducing energy usage, expense and environmental impact for the grower through lighting.