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Meet the Team
Dallas Buchanan
Dallas Buchanan
Blane Goettle
Blane Goettle
James Gavney, Ph.D., Esq.
James Gavney, Ph.D., Esq.
IP & Product Strategy Officer
Paul Blanc
Paul Blanc
EMEA Sales Leader
Mitch Mount
Mitch Mount
Application Specialist
Jesse Graham
Jesse Graham
Director, Hardware Engineering
Jerry Mix
Jerry Mix
Margaret Wong
Margaret Wong

Our Story

Radiare Technologies is dedicated to the possibility of improving life on the planet
through the novel use of light energy—from enhancing food production and processing
without the use of harmful chemicals to making our work, meeting and shopping
spaces safer. The common thread across some of the most significant breakthroughs
in room disinfection, indoor crop protection and crop yield improvements is none other
than silicon wafer. LED’s can now produce very precise wavelengths proven to enhance
plant vigor, safely neutralizing unwanted microorganisms and can actually monitor the
health of the plant and/or safety of a room. Representing over 10 years of wafer and
packing design evolution, combined with precise sensor and automation technology
and decades of application experience, Radiare is presenting possibility, in a new light.

Digital Crop Protection

From leafy greens, cannabis, strawberries and beyond, our growers are getting a
premium for better crops while spending less to grow them. UV-C light energy has long
been used in healthcare and food production given its remarkable ability to stop
microorganisms from reproducing. There is simply no other disinfection technology
that is as effective with zero environmental side effects. The limiting factor in the
application of UV-C has been the cumbersome form factor of mercury filled glass lamps
and the difficulty managing high energy levels safely. While LED sources have been
available for years, the longevity and efficiency has been too low for commercial
deployment—that is until now.

Our new patented silicon wafer and LED packaging techniques produce nearly 3X more
light per watt than conventional sources with a lifetime approaching 10,000 hours. Not
only are many of the existing applications converting to LED for more effective and
safer deployments, but we are now driving an explosion of new use opportunities,
including direct, in-crop treatment.

Next Level Grow Lighting

Believe it or not, our little team is delivering new photosynthetic energy to plants better
than most on the planet and we’re having an absolute blast doing it. Part of this is the
grow LED selection, but unlike our proprietary UV-C products, these are available to
everyone. A bigger part of this is where these LEDs are placed in the grow
environment. We can’t wait to show you how these patented methods are changing the


Few better opportunities exist to deliver value from Ai than through the fabric of
connected devices. The primary limitation experienced by indoor growers and
commercial building operators alike who have invested significantly in modern sensor
networks is the user’s ability to manage them to their full potential. Radiare’s Ai-based
automation interface is a smart user engagement tool that might just learn more from
experience than you will to free you up for more of life, in a new light.