UVC Crop Protection Modules

UVC is creating remarkable new outcomes in the battle to sustainably fight disease and pest pressure in agriculture. DemeGrow’s breakthrough LED chip technology kills unwanted organisms with unrivaled precision by way of an optimally effective 275 nm peak wavelength. Used by itself, or in concert with traditional techniques, no other solution delivers better results with a lower environmental impact.

  • Optimal Wavelength

    Direct 275nm ultra-efficient LED proven most effective against pest and disease.

  • Tested, Certified, and Proven

    LED breakthrough enables the use of proven disinfection technology across agriculture.

  • Environmental Breakthrough

    Extraordinary efficacy with zero chemical use.

  • Fully Controllable

    LED delivers precise dosage for very safe usage across most common applications.

Technical specifications

  • Power

    High Efficiency Industrial LED Driver: ~93%
    Input Voltage
    : 90~305Vac
    Input Power: ~2W per chip Output Voltage: <24V

  • Functionality

    Built-in Safety Halo Visibility
    Optional Strobe and Chirp Warning Module
    Dimming Function:
    0.5V-10V, with Dim-to-Off capability  

  • Certifications

    Reliability Protection:
    OVP, SCP, OTP, and 10KV Surge Protection
    Performance Testing: L70 8000 HRS
    Waterproof Rating:
    LED Module: IP65, LED Power Supplies: IP55,
    IP65 Optional

  • Variants

    180° Direct Treatment 2 Module Bar
    180° Direct Treatment 3 Module Bar
    360° Direct Treatment Module

    Custom Configurations Available

UVC Crop Protection Modules Variations

  • 180˚ Direct Treatment: 2 Module Bar

    Part Number (High Voltage)

    Part Number (Low Voltage)
    HPB2XS6060/45/12VDC w/Rotary Dimmer

    Description: High Power 2-LED S6060 45" Bar | (0-10V) Control, Wattage < 7

  • 180˚ Direct Treatment: 3 Module Bar

    Part Number (High Voltage)

    Part Number (Low Voltage)
    LPB3XS6060/45/12VDC w/Rotary Dimmer

    Description: High Power 3-LED BOLB S6060 45” Bar | (0-10V) Control, Wattage < 11

  • 180˚ Direct Treatment: 6 Module Bar

    Part Number (High Voltage)

    Part Number (Low Voltage)
    LPB6XS6060/45/12VDC w/Rotary Dimmer

    Description: High Power 6-LED BOLB S6060 45” Bar | (0-10V) Control, Wattage < 22

  • 360° Direct Treatment Module

    Part Number (High Voltage)

    Part Number (Low Voltage)
    HPQ8XS6060/45/12VDC w/Rotary Dimmer

    Description: High Power 8-LED S6060 45” 360° Bar | (0-10V) Control, Wattage < 25
    Bars sold individually.

    ** Multi-bar permanent configuration or rope ratchet option for user adjustment to treat above canopy, in canopy and below canopy alternating days/times.

    Contact factory for design assistance.

180˚ Direct Treatment Module
360˚ Direct Treatment Module

Calculated Kill Time of Known Pathogens


UVC products are considered harmful to humans, plants and animals and other organic materials when exposure exceeds recommended dosage. The user is responsible for taking all measures to reduce exposure or otherwise protect any and all materials that may experience unplanned exposure to the energy from these products. 
DemeGrow makes no representation as to the specific performance or safety of these products. 

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