Grow Lights

Elevate yield and other crop characteristics with the industry's highest performing grow lighting system.

  • Industry Leading Performance

    Ideal blend of photosythentic efficiency, uniformity and economy.

  • Tunable Spectrum

    Create unique product attributes from custom spectrum.

  • Industrial Grade Construction

    Ruggedized PCB configuration and power supply designs support best-in-class warranties.

  • Tool-Free Installation

    Over-molded quick connect AC and DC power connectors and snap together bar construction allows for easy, low-cost installation and maintenance.

What value do I get from Elevate?

Multiple Applications

Indoor Single and Multi-Level

Clone, Veg & Flower Performance Levels

Increase Yield per Dollar

Leading PPE Performance
Patented Canopy Penetration
Extraordinary Harvests

Deliver Unique Outcomes

Optional Spectral Tuning
Spectral Sensor Integration
Full Automation Capable

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Rugged Durability
Future Proof Modular Design
Market Leading Warranty

Spectrum Tune

High performance Spectrum Tuning LED greenhouse lighting for indoor operations.

Elevate HP
High Power

High performance Spectrum Tuning customizable maximum power grow lighting for indoor operations.

Elevate E

High performance Broad Spectrum LED grow lighting for indoor operations.


Sub-Canopy positioning allows for additional energy penetration with lower risk of over exposing the canopy top.