Spectral Monitoring and Environmental Automation

  • Connected

    Spectral, Soil, Environmental, Equipment, and Infrastructure Sensors

  • Intelligent

    Affordable Non-Proprietary Environmental Automation Solutions
    Local and/or Cloud Centric Architecture
    Easily Adapted and Customized

  • Networked

    ModBUS, WiFi, LoRa, RS485, Bluetooth
    Device and Backhaul Integration

  • Integrated

    Unlock Productivity by Connecting Platforms
    Get Next-Generation Performance From Existing Infrastructure
    Improve Focus with Single-Pane Management


Harness light energy to improve harvest results and guard against light-source degradation. Dial-in unique, differentiated product characteristics by tracking how spectral energy affects outcomes. 

Map 11 spectral bands across the PAR range for an entire season with WiFi/cloud connected device.


Environmental Automation and
Platform Integration Solutions

TruBlu™ Mesh Solutions

Integrated multi-protocol wireless sensor and automation technology.