We are dedicated to providing the planet with innovative LED lighting and nutrient blends that increase plant growth, vitality and productivity… Naturally!

DemeGrow was started based on the idea that science doesn’t have to affect a plant’s organic properties to provide increased production, health and long term sustainability. Through the use of innovations in light science and plant nutrient science, DemeGrow leads the industry in providing technologically advanced lighting products that increase desired plant growth, plant production, reduction of water and better yields for a multitude of horticultural uses.

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Science & Research

What Plants See: Separating Lumens from Effective PAR (EPAR) Controlling Plants with Light: LEDs to Change Plant Growth How Exposure to Irregular Light Affects Plant Circadian Rhythms Using LEDs to Manipulate Plant Growth, Characteristics Shining a Light on Circadian Rhythms in Plants Lights, Rhythms, Infection: The Role of Light and the Circadian Clock in Determining the Outcome of Plant–Pathogen Interactions